I have been playing golf since I was eleven years old. My father loved golf, and the time spent with him on the golf course are some of my favorite memories. I traveled with him every chance I could get.

I understand what it’s like to struggle and hit a plateau. I know every frustration, all the ups and downs, and the ultimate joy of learning the game of golf. My insight into cultivating practice habits, calming nerves on the putting green, and refining driving techniques have helped me keep improving all these years.

Beyond the basics of the game, I also understand that golf is more than just knowing which club to use on a par 4 with a water hazard. Golf is also about spending time with friends on a beautiful course, on a beautiful day. The friendships and memories that develop over the years from playing the game are worth just as much as a hole in one.

The score at the end of a round of golf does not matter as much as the experience of playing the game itself.

I enjoy writing about the game of golf nearly as much as I do playing it. I hope to help experienced golfers and new golfers alike. I hope to teach and inform, as well as impart some of the wisdom I have learned over the years.

After reading my blog, I hope readers love the game of golf as much as I do.

Arthur Hammond