How Much do Golf Simulators Cost?

golfers practice with golf simulator

Golf has some of the most expensive equipment for the game compared to most other sports. However, the investments will last longer than most other sports equipment. Golf simulators can help you practice, improve your game, and have fun in the comfort of your own home.

How much should you expect to pay for a golf simulator? The answer varies based on your needs, available space, and what you hope to get out of the investment. Let’s break it down to find out how much you will pay for your simulator.

Golf simulators can cost any where from $300 to $70,000.

Here is a quick summary of the cost of different levels of golf simulators, the costs are approximate:

Low Cost (hobbyist) $300 – $3,999
Medium Cost (game improvement) $4,000 – $7,999
High Cost (professional) $8,000 – $70,000

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Low Cost – Hobbyist Simulators

Pick of this category: Optishot 2

There are several reasons to purchase a golf simulator and one of the primary ones is for fun. You may not always have the ability to venture out to the driving range or the country club for a round. Perhaps work is too hectic or the weather isn’t cooperating. For this reason, having a golf simulator allows you to play a round without worry of rain, high winds or time of day.

You may also want to play a course that you don’t have access to. Maybe you can’t get to Hawaii to play at Pebble Beach. You might not have access to Torrey Pines. However, with a golf simulator you can play these courses right from your living room or garage.

Simulators designed for fun can be relatively inexpensive. You don’t need to worry about expensive sensors to provide accurate data and feedback.

Medium Cost – Game Improvement Simulators

Pick of this category: SkyTrak

If you are interested in a golf simulator, this is where most people will find the perfect one for their home.

If you want to have fun while also improving your game, you will need to upgrade to a more advanced system. While the Optishot provides some data, you will require other sensors to actually improve your game.

High-speed cameras, infrared lighting, and impact screens are among the most popular additions to a golf simulator needed for data analysis and game improvement.

Simulators in this category often come with projectors and enclosures. SkyTrak is among the most dependable and popular home simulators around.

The SkyTrak launch monitor is a shot tracker that analyzes ball movement. There are studio upgrades which will also track your swing and club movement as well.

High Cost – Professional Simulators

Pick of this category: TruGolf Vista

Other brands in this category: Full Swing Golf, Foresight, aboutGolf

This category is very pricey and meant for professional golfers to hone their skills. They include state of the art tracking systems and real time feed back. The purpose of these simulators is to provide as accurate a representation of the real world as possible.

Among the very best of the golf simulators is the TruGolf Vista experience. These simulator studios come with a dedicated computer, screen, hardware, software and everything you need to simulate a round of golf except the shoes. Click here to read our dedicated TruGolf simulator review.

While spending almost $20,000 on golf equipment may sound like a deal-breaker, the experience and technology involved are worth it. Not only will you be immersed in the world of golf like never before, but you will also improve your game by leaps and bounds in no time at all.

Let us know in the comments section below why you are thinking of buying a golf simulator. Are you in one of the groups listed above or do you have another reason for making the purchase?

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