How to Buy a Putter

How to Buy a Putter

Buying a putter doesn’t have to frustrating or complicated. Putting is unique to each person. No two people putt the same way. So, how do you a putter.

Well, there are a few things you need to think about when you’re looking for that perfect putter. These tips can be used for the beginner, intermediate and experienced golfer.

It doesn’t matter if you want a new putter to better your stroke or you just want to update your existing putter, these tips will help you find the best putter for you.

Putter Length

Making sure that you have the right putter length is crucial. If you have the wrong length you run the risk of making your putting worse instead of bettering it.

Most standard sized putters range from about 32 inches to 52 inches. When you’re in position the shaft of the putter should line up with your arm and your eyes should be over the ball.

You want a putter that will allow you to stay comfortable and relaxed while in your position. Follow these three steps to find the correct putter length

  • Get into the correct position
  • Let your arms hang down. Don’t stiffen them up, keep them relaxed.
  • Find someone that will take your measurement from the top of your hands to the ground. This number is the ideal length of your putter.


Now let’s talk about the balance of your putter head. There are two different types of balancing and they are, toe hang and face balance. Finding the correct balance will largely depend on how you swing and the way you put.

Toe hang

Toe hang is for putters that have an arc in their swing. When you make contact with the ball you will notice that your clubface will stare square.

To determine how much toe hang a putter has you should place the middle of the shaft in the palm of your hand, depending on how far the head of the putter faces downward is how much toe hang you have.

Face Balanced

Face balanced putters are ideal for a golfer that has a straight-back-straight through swing. A face balanced putter will keep your clubface square throughout your entire swing.

The best way to determine if your putter is face balanced is by laying the middle of the shaft on the palm of your hand. The putter head should lay horizontal with the face of the head pointing to the sky.

Putter Heads

The next thing you should look at when buying a new putter is the head. You want a clubhead that is going to compliment your swing. There are a couple of different options you can choose from.

The putter is more about personal preference. You should like how the putter head looks and feels.

Blade putter

These putters will allow you get a better feel for the ball. It will also be able to help you get more speed on the ball. More experienced golfers usually use this type of putter, but that doesn’t mean that a newbie can’t learn to use a blade putter.

Mallet Putter

This type of putter is usually heavier. And the weight of the putter head is evenly dispersed throughout the head. This is an excellent feature to have if you’re a beginner.

Being evenly weighted will help you get more consistency. You will also benefit from having a larger sweet spot. These things will help the newbie golfer greatly improve their game.

So, What’s the Bottom Line on How to Buy a Putter?

As you can see this really isn’t a step by step guide on how to buy the perfect golf putter. There really isn’t a right or wrong way to buy a putter. Everyone has their own personal preferences, and everyone likes different thigs about different putters.

The best thing you can do when it comes to buying a new putter is to follow the tips that we’ve discussed earlier in this article.

If you make sure that the putter you choose has all the things we’ve discussed and you like the feel and look of it, then you know that you have the perfect putter for you.

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