Ray Cook – Golf Silver Ray SR500 Putter Review

This is a fantastic putter that won’t cost you much. For an affordable price, you can get a premium putter that will improve your gameplay. It possesses the latest technology which will help keep alignment during strokes. The design is also admirable and classy.

The Ray Cook Silver Ray SR 500 Putter has a charcoal gray finish, which you will surely like. It is also non-glare so you can play without any distractions. The lines and undertones will improve the alignment. You will have an accurate shot with this putter.

The head is a bit heavier which will also help keep stability and accuracy to your stroke. No worries of having a poorly played game with this putter in your hands.

The soft mid-size paddle-style grip will make your game comfortable and fun. It allows for you to have a good grasp on the putter and take full control of your shot.

The putter maker’s goal is to help you achieve the best performance in every game. Ideally, it was designed for newbies as well as experienced golfers.



  • Its lie is 70 degrees
  • Its loft is 3 degrees.
  • This putter is for right-handed users.
  • Has a charcoal gray finish.
  • Heavier head.
  • Has a soft mid-size paddle style grip.


  • It is affordable.
  • Has a good design.
  • Has a comfortable grip.
  • Improves accuracy.


  • The paint wears off quite fast.


The Ray Cook Silver Ray SR 500 Putter is still a good choice even though its paint doesn’t appear to be permanent. The design of this putter is good, and it can help players give their best performance in the match.

However, if you are looking for a putter that has a long-lasting design and color, this putter might not be the best one for you. You have to look for other products in the market, and possibly the more expensive ones.

This putter is still good for your regular games. You will want to train or improve your skills first. It has excellent construction and will make your strokes more accurate and strong.

One of its useful features is its heavier head. If a putter has a heavier head, it will produce a pendulum-like effect, which will make your shot more accurate. The grip is also worth mentioning. It has a high-quality soft mid-size paddle-style grip that gives you more control on the putter.

This putter is also for right-handed players, so if you are right-handed, then it should be fine. Overall, its design is good, for a low-price putter. Beginners can make use of this putter and enhance their skills during practice.


Now, let’s compare this putter to other products. To be fair, we will use a product that is close to the price range of this putter. We are going to compare it with the Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge.

The Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge is cheaper than the Ray Cook Silver Ray SR 500 Putter. Their features are quite similar, and they both give the player a good performance.

The Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge also has a splendid design—it has a classic high polish finish that looks sleek and professional. The Ray Cook Silver Ray SR 500 Putter’s finish does not look that elegant. However, it is still good to look at.

The shaft of this putter has a high quality just like the Ray Cook Silver Ray SR 500 Putter. They are both effective in keeping your stroke accurate and strong.

This will come a long way to help you win a championship or train and hone your skills. So if you are looking for a cheaper putter than the Ray Cook Silver Ray SR 500 Putter, this product could be your alternative.


The Ray Cook Silver Ray SR 500 Putter is a good choice for players who are just starting their career in golf. It doesn’t require you to shell out a lot of cash since it is very affordable. Although it is low-priced, that doesn’t mean that it is lagging behind when it comes to improving your performance.

The good design and built of this putter will make-up for that. The alignment assistance line given by this putter will be an excellent guide for beginners. It will give them an idea on how their stroke will result.

That is a great help since it will help them improve their overall skills in the future. The heavier head is also a good addition since it provides more stability to entire putter.

This putter comes from Ray Cook. Ray Cook is a passionate golfer and inventor. He has created his first putter in 1963 and has been improving the putter ever since. This will give you an idea of how advanced this putter has gone. There are also a lot of models to choose from.

So get this putter now and experience a game that you have never played before. Of course, this putter is just a tool. You need to have the skills to become a champion someday.

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