Which Golf Simulators do the Pros use?

Pro golfer drives a golf ball.

When looking at golf simulators, it can be hard to decide which model and type to go with. While you do have your options, the PGA professionals and Golf Channel have made their choices clear.

If you want to know what golf simulators the pros use, we have your answer. We also know which simulator the Golf Channel recently upgraded to. Everything you wanted to know about professional-grade golf simulators is right here.

Golf Channel Upgraded Their Simulator

When golf simulators started becoming more and more mainstream, one appeared in the studio of the Golf Channel. They didn’t endorse it, and you only saw the name flash on the screen for one second during the closing credits (between men’s wardrobe and special thanks). The name was High Definition Golf.

In late 2013 one segment had a pro try to hit a ball in the simulator past the driving range markers. He hit the ball so hard it went through the screen. Now, to be fair, golf simulator screens are the weakest point of a simulation studio and are only warrantied for one or two years at most. You will also see an asterisk next to that year warranty that states “or 25,000 shots.”

The Golf Channel upgraded its simulator to a new model and had it thoroughly tested. In one episode they invited long drive champion Tim Burke attempt to break the screen. He failed, but you can watch the impressive video here (and get some useful stretching tips).

The upgraded simulator was the Full Swing Pro series, which retails at a price starting at $30,000.

The Choice of the Pros

It isn’t a surprise that the PGA Tour professionals also use Full Swing Pro series simulators. Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth both use a similar set up that cost them a reportedly $48,000 to install.

If two World Golf Ranking Number 1 golfers choose Full Swing, it must mean something (besides they have a years salary for most of us to spend on a simulator).

Older tour pros and Senior PGA professionals choose the HD Golf simulators. They are a little less expensive but no less impressive. I mean, anything Fred Couples and Bubba Watson trust should be good enough for the likes of you and me.

Now that you know which simulators the pros use, what are your thoughts? Are these simulators worth your hard-earned money? Let us know in the comments below.

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