Golf Putter Buying Guide

Golf Putter Buying Guide

The putter is the most used golf club in your bag. When it comes to choosing a putter, you need get something that feels good to you. There are so many different shapes and weights and lengths that you might get frustrated when trying to find the best one.

There are five main things that you should think about when choosing a putter.

  1. The shape of your putter head
  2. The length of the shaft
  3. The face of the putter
  4. The alignment
  5. Weight of the shaft

We are going to talk about each one of things in depth, which will help you choose the right putter. Having the perfect putter will help you improve your putting game.

Putter Head

The two basic shapes of a putter head are mallet and blade. Both have their own pros and cons, choosing the right one for you comes down the type of swing you have and personal preference.

  • Blade Head

This is a more traditional looking putter. The shape of the head is narrow, and they are usually lightweight. Using a blade head will make your swing slightly faster and the ball will roll faster and smoother. Blade putters are great to use on faster greens.

  • Mallet Head

These types of heads are larger and more mallet shaped. The heavier head will allow you to have more control of your swing. A mallet head will give you more accuracy and allow you to keep your writs a bit more stable. Mallet heads are great to use if you’re going to be playing on slower green.


The next thing you should consider is the length of your putter. To find the best length you should stand in position with your arms hanging down, relaxed. Measure from your wrist to the floor. This number is your ideal putter length.

When trying out different putter lengths find a putter that you’re comfortable with. You want a putter that keeps you relaxed when in the ready position.

Putter Face

You also need to consider your putters face. You have two choices when it comes to the face and they are, insert or metal. Again, both have their own pros and cons. Choosing the right one is a completely personal preference.

  • Insert

Having an insert face will give you a softer putt, meaning that on shorter distances you won’t have to hit the ball so hard.

Another thing about having an insert is that you won’t hear the ball contact the face. The insert will also distribute the weight of the head to either side, which will give some extra forgiveness when putting.

  • Metal Head

Using a metal head will allow you to have a greater feel of the ball. You will be able to hear when the face contacts the ball. So, if you’re someone that likes to hear that contact sound then you should go with a metal head


When looking at different putters you need to look for sightlines. One of the most important things about putting is being able to line up your shots.

If you get a putter that doesn’t have good sightlines you run the risk of bad shots, which means a higher score. You want a putter with sightlines that you can easily see when looking down at the ball.


Golf putters come in different weights. The weight of your putter is based on what the putter is made from and what type of head you are using.

The weight of your putter is something that is a personal choice. Having a heavier putter will allow you to have more control of your swing.

Which putter is right for you?

With everything that you read you should have at least a basic idea of what kind of putter will best suit you and purposes. There isn’t a right or wrong putter.

The right putter is the one that fits your needs and will help you achieve maximum results. Just take your time and don’t choose the first putter you look at. Test out some different putters and go with the one that feels the most comfortable.

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