Nextt Golf X Factor Angle Mallet Putter Review

Nextt Golf X Factor Angle Mallet Putter Review

A great putter to pick if you want to have a good performance in your game is the Nextt Golf X-Factor Balance 1 Putter. It has a perfect balance which will make you feel comfortable and in control with regards to the direction of the ball. This will make you successful when performing a stroke.

The grip is good, and it provides enough traction so that the putter will remain steady throughout the swing. So, you will definitely like Nextt Golf X-Factor Balance 1 Putter if you are looking for an easy-to-handle putter that is also accurate. The design is intended for professional players and will improve their gameplay.

Stability is imperative when performing a swing. If there is not enough stability, you will have a hard time aiming. You will not be able to hit the ball the way you want it to. The ball will then travel to a different direction, which is very frustrating.

This putter has a Micro Traction grip that will ensure the user to get a good hold on the putter and keep it steady when performing a stroke. In this manner, the ball will be hit accurately and goes to the direction as intended.


  • Uses Micro Traction all-weather grip.
  • Has convenient site lines.
  • Right-handed
  • 35-Inch angle mallet


  • Has site lines for accuracy
  • Tight grip
  • Tour performance
  • Good balance


  • Someone says the product doesn’t suit them well


This putter is really good and will suit you well. Beginners or players who come from using lightweight clubs will have to get used to this putter.

They could also have used a different putter in the past that has an entirely different design. But, overall, this putter is a good pick since it has a good grip and balance, which are essential for making the right hit on every stroke. So, this putter will improve the player’s performance.

Don’t hesitate to get this product if you are looking for a good putter. This will surely deliver the results that you want. Because of its professional design, it will help assess the performance of the player.

The site lines will also come in handy if you have a hard time hitting the ball in the right spot. It is a very helpful feature which will improve your gameplay because you will have a good indication of the ball’s direction.


Since are reviewing the Nextt Golf X-Factor Balance 1 Putter, let’s now start comparing it to other related products. A similar product that we can compare is the Tour Tuned Putter. This putter is a common choice, and it is affordable for anyone who wants to start then climb to the top.

This putter is also for right-handed users only. So, for those who are right-handed, they can get this product without any issues about feeling uncomfortable. This product is a good choice even though it is not the high-end type—it will still help you in your games.

It has a deep center of gravity (CG) which will make the ball roll faster. The ball will land in the place where you want it to fall since skidding is reduced. There is also the “Moving Ball” alignment aid which will improve accuracy.

This putter comes in different lengths. There are 33”, 34”, and 35”. You’ll have more options to choose from, which is good. You can pick which one which is suitable for you. It also has a soft red polymer insert.

The Tour Tuned Putter has good balance and helps provide a firm grip. It will keep the player comfortable and happy. It will also allow the player to have full control due to the excellent stability. This is a good alternative for the Nextt Golf X-Factor Balance 1 Putter.


You’ll get the Nextt Golf X-Factor Balance 1 Putter if you want to start playing golf. It will also work for experienced golfers, but there are better putters for advanced players. This putter is still great as your second choice. Having a balanced putter is usually enough for you to play a good game.

The site lines on this putter will also help you hit the ball properly and land it inside the hole. The grip is good, and it will provide more stability during a swing.

The Micro Traction all-weather grip is also an important feature to this putter since it improves the hold of the player. Not to mention the fine aesthetics which will help boost the confidence of the player.

So get this putter now, and you won’t be disappointed. It may not be a high-end putter, but It works just like other putters. This putter does the job it needs to do. The most important factor of any game is the person playing.

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