ProTee Golf Simulator Review

ProTee golf simulators are a high-end model of simulator that brings performance and value together into a single unit. While their cost is a bit higher, you receive quality products and a simulator experience rivaled by few.

Is a ProTee United golf simulator right for you? This article will find out. We examine everything you need to know before making a purchase as well as identifying the good and the bad about ProTee.

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Before You Buy

ProTee simulation studios use high-quality parts, including high-speed camera systems. You will need to ensure your space is adequate enough to not only mount all of the required elements, but also to leave enough room for you to swing the clubs without hindrance. If you are unsure of your space requirements, you can check out our extensive space requirements article.

Aside form ample space you also need to have a computer to run the software, an impact screen to hit into and a short throw projector to show the courses and shots.

All of this can be purchased separately in a DIY style set up. However, ProTee United offers great value for your money by offering a lot of the components together in sets, or base packs. More information on their base packs further below.

Buying or building a golf simulator from ProTee will also take some planning for your time and budget. Be sure to read all of the system requirements on the package you choose to find out if there are any optional components you need to purchase separately. Budget accordingly before you start spending money so that you get everything you need to start playing right away.

ProTee Golf Simulator Build Material

ProTee equipment is made from the highest quality materials. Of course being that you are swinging golf clubs around, there is still a chance to break some parts or damage others. However, the hitting mat is made from synthetic grass and emulates an actual shot off of the fairway.

The high speed cameras and mounting gear allow for a durable, reliable set that won’t wobble or sway because of the weight. Even the hitting screen it better quality than most. It is double sided and can withstand real golf balls. It is even warrantied for up to 250,000 shots.

ProTee United didn’t take any shortcuts putting together their golf simulator equipment and the quality really shows. You will pay more for a ProTee system than with some other studios we have reviewed on this site, but you will also have a better quality product.

Studio Or DIY?

The question often arises with golf simulators: should you piece together your own studio or buy a pre-built system that’s ready to go out of the box?

The ProTee golf simulator gives you the option on how much of your studio you want pre-built. There are two base packages available. Here is a break down of the two systems side by side.

ProTee Base Pack TGC ProTee Base Pack 2
ProTee Professional Sensor System Yes Yes
ProTee Putting Sensor System No Yes
High Speed Vertical Launch Camera No Yes
High Speed Horizontal Launch Camera Yes Yes
Double Halogen Light System Yes Yes
Double Sided High Impact Projection Screen No Yes
ProTee Golf 2.0 3D Simulation Software No Yes
The Golf Club Simulator Edition Yes Yes
The Golf Club 2019 Simulator Edition Yes Yes
USB to Serial Converter Yes Yes
Universal Power Supply Yes Yes
USB Extension Cable Yes Yes
Price $3155 at $7175 at


With either option you will still need a short throw projector to view the videos on the projector screen as well as a hitting mat. Other parts are purely optional and can be added on at any time, if you feel the need for them.

Requirements, Setup and First Use

The ProTee golf simulator system does require a bit of extra set up than some of the other reviewed simulators. For example, the SkyTrak simulator can be set up by a single person, and even after setup is complete, it only takes two people to move if necessary.

The ProTee studio is more of a permanent fixture. Because of the halogen lighting and the high-speed cameras, once they are mounted, they can only be adjusted. If you want to move your studio two feet to the left, you will have to remove and reposition all of the pieces individually.

For most consumers, this won’t be an issue. As long as you have your space measured correctly and know where you want the studio to be, you don’t need to worry about moving it. Just make sure you set it all up before your husband gets home because you know he will have his own ideas about the positioning.

The system has a total of over 100 sensors, up to two high-speed cameras, and a plethora of data collection points. When using the system, you don’t need to measure each individual club or do extensive programming before you can start. The setup is complicated enough, so once that is finished, you are ready to play.

Software and Accessory Packages

There are a total of three different course software packages you can use. Both systems come with The Golf Club (TGC) simulator edition and TGC 2019 edition. This gives you access to over 150,000 courses. Each version is shown in full 4K ultra-high-definition for an immersive experience that rivals any modern CGI movie or video game. You actually feel like you are on the course.

You also have the ability to make an avatar character (up to four people) to play online or against friends. With the software packages, you can also create your own course. It can be as simple as clicking the mouse four times to generate a course that has never been seen before. It can also be as complicated as designing each hole from scratch and placing individual trees and bunkers.

With TGC software you can play a new course every day for the rest of your life and never play the same course twice. Playing 150,000 courses at one course per day is over 410 years. Not to mention the unique courses you can build yourself. It’s time to get playing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer a few common questions about ProTee golf simulators.

Do I have to pay monthly fees for the software?

Yes, kind of. Instead of a monthly membership, ProTee offers a yearly premium membership. The annual cost is $138 and covers any system updates, new games or courses, and full support during the entire year.

Are there mini-games available?

Yes, besides playing a round of golf, or hitting at the virtual driving range, you will also have access to side games or mini-games. The lists include zombies, soccer, American football, bowling, darts, carnival games, longest drive, nearest to the pin, destruction, mini-golf, or one of many kids golfing games.

Does the ProTee system come with everything I need?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. You will need a short-throw projector, netting, and a hitting mat at a minimum. All of the accessories are available, or you can find your own. Most of the accessory products offered are though a partnership with other brands (SkyTrak, Rapsodo, and OptiShot, to name a few).


The ProTee United golf simulator system is definitely one of a kind. With high-speed cameras and over 100 sensors you get club data like never before. Including speed, angle, and tilt your ball flight will be the most accurate of any system under $20,000.

You also get access to TGC courses totaling 150,000 options, plus the ability to design your own course. You won’t get bored with this one. Not to mention the money you can save while improving your game significantly, even during the off or rainy seasons.




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