Here Are The Best Affordable Golf Simulators in 2020

Golf simulators allow you to practice your swing and ball handling while giving you instant feedback. With a golf simulator, you can improve your game, shave strokes off your pay, and even play golf on some of the most beautiful courses from around the world. The main problem for the average golfer is the overall cost of a simulator.

In this article, we will examine the best golf simulators under $1000 to help you save money, get into the simulation, and start improving your game today.

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Why Use a Golf Simulator?

There are many reasons why you should be using a golf simulator, even if you aren’t anything more than a “weekend warrior” type golfer.

A golf simulator can help you improve. You will get feedback on your swing speed, ball trajectory, club movement, and other informational statistics. Knowing where your swing can be improved, or learning how to strike the ball better will greatly enhance your score on the course.

You can also play at any time, regardless of weather or location. With a mobile simulator, you can take it with you on business trips and play in your hotel. For a home studio setup, you can play in the wee hours of the morning or during the cold winter months.

Another benefit to a golf simulator is the ability to play a virtual game of golf on many of the top-rated professional courses from around the world, without paying green fees. Imagine being able to play Pebble Beach or Torrey Pines without buying a plane ticket or joining a country club. A golf simulator can offer you all of that and more.

DIY or Pre-built?

Building your own golf simulator can save you some money versus purchasing a pre-built studio in your home. However, the savings won’t drop below $1000 and therefore are outside the scope of this article. However, we have an extensive how-to article for those looking to build their own golf studio.

A pre-built system can get expensive pretty quick. For example, one of the top-rated, professional studios made by True Golf (the kind used by Tiger Woods), will set you back a minimum of $30,000.

For our purposes, we are going to weigh functionality, ease of use, and cost-friendly simulators. While you may sacrifice some of the bigger bells and whistles, you can still work on your golf game while padding your wallet (and keeping the wife happier in the process).

Best In-Home Golf Simulator Under $1000

For a more permanent solution, look no further than an in-home golf simulator. For under $1000, you can play in the comfort and quiet of your own home any time of day.

1. OptiShot 2 Golf-in-a-Box

We aren’t even going to waste your time with multiple studio options. When you are looking for reliable, accurate, and durable studio golf simulators, there is only one option. The OptiShot 2 studio system is all you will need to get going with in-home golf simulators under $1000.

While there are others with better graphics, more monitors, or the use of high-speed cameras, launch monitors, infrared, and screen impact readings, you won’t get more bang for your buck than with OptiShot. Sure, they have options available that exceed $1000, but what you really need is included in the box.

You get the monitor, that has software covering 15 courses, various weather conditions, six game types, and you get to use your own clubs. You also get the hitting mat and a return net, all for less than $1000.

Set up the playing field in your garage, living room, or yard and take your game to the next level. If you are so inclined, you can even upgrade OptiShot 2 to the pro version later on. This will include the projector, retractable screen, and netting enclosure, as well as everything from the standard version.


  • Only true studio system under $1000.
  • Everything needed is included in-box for fast, simple set up.
  • Upgrading can be done at any time, but isn’t necessary.


  • Full Pro system can get expensive.
  • Graphics aren’t as good as most other in-home studio sets.

Best Mobile Golf Simulators Under $1000

For the golfer that likes to take their game with them, regardless of weather or location, a mobile simulator is a must. The best simulators give you freedom, range, and feedback no matter where you swing from.

1. Tittle X-Golf Premium Simulator

Tittle Golf’s X-Golf simulator is a fun and exciting way to play the game you love from just about anywhere. You will need a dedicated computer to the program for swing analysis. However, if you use the system on a laptop, you can pack up everything and take it with you.

The system comes with clips to use your real clubs if you wish. If space is at a premium, though, you can use the included swing stick. There is also a safety stick for children to use. The system also uses E6 Golf’s simulations and courses (you get access to 12). This is the same software that the True Golf system uses.

You will need to download the app, create an account, and sign in before playing. You can connect the software to your computer or cast the screen to your television for a larger viewing experience.

Once you have the clips connected (or the swing stick powered on), the swing data is sent to the mobile app for analysis. The data is then transferred to the game software, where your shot is displayed on the golf course to get accurate and instant visual feedback of your swing, power, and ball flight.


  • Simple to use system designed for every golfer.
  • 12 E6 courses included with purchase.
  • Instant, live feedback on every swing.


  • Must use a computer for data analysis, which makes going to the driving range difficult.
  • The club clips can come loose over time, resulting in inaccurate data.

2. Rapsodo R-Motion

The R-Motion from Rapsodo is one of the all-time great investments. The system comes with clips that you attach to the shaft of your clubs. The transmitter fits inside the clips, and you transfer the transmitter to a new club when you are using it.

The software comes from The Golf Club and is an excellent course simulation program. You can download the mobile app and connect the system to your computer. You will need to spend some time doing a club measure and setup, but the entire process shouldn’t take more than about 90 minutes to complete your entire golf bag.

Once set up properly, you will get instant feedback on the most important aspects of your swing. The ball data is as accurate as a $10,000 system found in pro shops for club fittings. You will also get the ability to play in your garage, living room, back yard, or at the driving range.

For the price, there isn’t much better out there that can match the accuracy and enjoyment of the R-Motion simulator and analysis. Everything you need is included, except a computer to load the software on to, which is to be expected in this price range.


  • Everything needed included in the box.
  • Use your own clubs for detailed, accurate data on your swing.
  • Take anywhere with 100% portability.


  • The shaft clips need care when attaching, over-tightening can result in stripped threads.
  • Requires a dedicated computer for a permanent, in-home setup.

3. FlightScope Mevo

FlightScope offers you a personal monitor that fits in the palm of your hand. This little device is smarter than it appears, and when combined with the mobile app, you will be unstoppable. The Mevo trainer uses Doppler radar to pinpoint eight different swing points and is among the most accurate on the market.

The mobile app can automatically record every swing using your phone’s video camera. The data is stored, and you can go back and view all of the clips to help you train faster and smarter.

You won’t use clips that can weigh down your clubs, and there isn’t a stick to use either. Use your own clubs where ever you want to swing them. You will need a cellphone tripod to capture the video clips using the app.

There are also small metallic stickers that are affixed to your golf balls. However, you only need to use the stickers at home. Their sole purpose is to track ball spin. On the driving range or the course, the stickers aren’t needed.


  • Truly portable system, using GPS for swing data analysis
  • Small device fits in your pocket or golf bag.
  • No clips or club attachments needed.


  • Metallic stickers must be attached to every ball hit, which can take time.
  • Requires use of your cellphone camera to record video clips, making setup less than ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m sure you have some questions about golf simulators under $1000. Let’s answer a few of the more common ones here.

Q. What type of computer will I need to run the software? Can it be used on a Mac?

  1. Each system will have its own list of minimum system requirements. In general, though, you will need Windows 7 or later, 4gig of RAM, and at least 1gig of hard drive space. A good graphics card will be required to show the courses in high definition, and you will want a powerful processor like the Intel i5 or newer. Most of the listed systems here will work on Mac as well as Windows PCs. However, you should double-check with the manufacturer before making a purchase.

Q. Will I need to buy anything else with these golf simulators?

  1. No. Each listed simulator comes with everything you must have to play, with the exception of mobile apps and computers. Of course, you will also need your own golf clubs to play, and you can always opt to purchase more courses. Some offer the WGT courses at a monthly subscription as well (about $2 per month).

Q. Can I use these with a PlayStation or Xbox?

  1. Unfortunately no. None of the simulator software programs or apps are available or compatible with console systems. You will need to use a smartphone, tablet, or computer for the software and apps.


Finding a golf simulator for under $1000 isn’t a difficult task. There are dozens of them to choose from. However, the challenge comes in finding one that is easy to use, fun to play, and provides you with enough information to help your golf game.

Some do better than others, and for the mobile simulators, the mobile apps do a great deal to help your swing, speed, and contact improve. When it comes to in-home simulators, there is only one choice. The OptiShot 2 Golf-in-a-Box is the best option going for the limited price range.

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