Maxam Portable Cherry Wood Putter Review

Maxam Portable Cherry Wood Putter Review

The Maxam Portable Cherry Wood Putter Set for Travel or Office is an excellent choice for those who are on a tight budget and those who are looking for a putter that would help them sharpen their skills at the same time. This putter has a beautiful head finish and support for good gripping.

If you’re a working person and can only practice in your office, in your hotel, in your yard, or in the living room—Maxam Portable Cherry Wood Putter would be an ideal choice for you. You can improve your skills anywhere you want, and anytime you are free to do so.

This golf club has a wide metal head that gives a metal sound when you have positioned the ball correctly aligned with the putt. This is an easy-to-carry putter—definitely ideal for travel and the office.

It gives you an easier and more solid final touch with the ball compared to the other putters in the market. We highly recommend this one.

This putter is perfect for golfers who are in training and who are looking forward to improving their skills in golf. This would be the perfect kit for them to bring so they can enjoy the time spent during their breaks at the workplace.


• Weight is 1.4 pounds
• Ideal for indoor practice
• Comes with a golf hole target made of wood.
• Dimension: 5 x 5 x 8 inches
• Comes with two golf balls.
• Comes with golf target
• Has a metal club head.


• Provides easy alignment
• Metal sound
• Easy to carry.
• Proven to improve your golf skills during breaks
• Smartly designed.


• May seem a little heavy for some users.
• Wooden hole target can receive the ball or only be used facing one side.


The Maxam Portable Cherry Wood Putter Set comes with a simple flat-looking head that was produced mainly in early days of the golf club. This putter style is quite old, but it was improved so you can also develop your skills in golf.

This will suit golfers who are new and who is just looking for a way to improve their skills in golfing. This will put your into straight putting stroked, thus giving you a great advantage once you go out to play in a match on a real golf course.

Do note that this putter set only aims to improve your skills when not on the field. You can make stronger and consistent hits when times comes you play on the golf course.

This putter’s head is balanced, giving you a straight putting stroke on the golf ball. The shaft of this paddle is long and thin and has a delicate and soft design. It weighs 1.4 pounds, a little heavy especially for those who are just starting out in golf.

This improves consistency and forgiveness and gives you lower score (in golf, a lower score is better) on the field. Get ready to be fired up by golf win streaks with this putter. Improve your skills, and the results will follow—this is the aim of golf self-improvement practices.


Now comes comparison between the Maxam Portable Cherry Wood Putter Set to the Nextt Golf Men’s Pro Score Pearl Copper Putter Series 3 Balance as a viable alternative. Both of them are affordable, and both of them aids in easy alignment.

Come to think of it, we are quite sure that you’d want both of these in your golf club collection. But we believe the Maxam Portable Cherry Wood Putter Set is better because it comes with a golf hole target and two golf balls for you to practice on.

That is why, if you’re looking forward to improving your golf skills, this would be the better choice. The only drawback is the golf hole target—it can only receive the ball when coming from one side. If you make a shot and missed, you have to turn or reset the ball.

You can say that it’s time-consuming for some golfers, but we are sure that the Portable Cherry Wood Putter Set is still worth buying. It will dramatically improve the golfing skills you have at the moment.


Overall, Maxam Portable Cherry Wood Putter is worth buying for golfers who are looking to improve their skills. The set comes with a golf hole target and two golf balls that will surely be a source of entertainment to you during your office breaks.

It is compact and easy to carry, and if you need to improve your skills, you can always do so. This is one of the recommended putter sets for beginners. If you want to improve while indoors, this will be ideal.

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