Yes Men’s Pippi Mid 12 Putter Review

Yes Men's Pippi Mid 12 Putter Review

The Yes! Golf Men’s Pippi Mid 12 Putter works excellently for those who are right-handed golfers. This helps you make a better aim using your putt. This hits the ball sooner and more consistently even if you didn’t strike the ball on the right line.

With a dimension of 43 x 5 x 6 inches, it improves your ability to take good and consistent shots to put the ball in the hole. Dimensions are one of the key parts in making the best putters along with design and related technology.

Yes! Golf Men’s Pippi Mid 12 Putter is widely used in the United States, Europe, Australia, and even in Asia. This is a renowned brand and is trusted by many because of the rising potential it carries.

This model of golf club has been helping thousands of golfers around the world to reach their fullest potential in the sport. The ball is easily affected on how you aligned and how well you hit it.

A little deviation can make the shot go wrong. This putter will help you solve that kind of problem compared to other putters you will see in the market.


  • Compact and can create responsive swings.
  • C-Groove concentric edges.
  • Best suited for faster greens.
  • Dimension of 42 x 5 x 6 inches
  • Weight is 1.4 pounds
  • Has a great hand-and-eye position
  • Right-handed.


  • Has a compact and great design.
  • Comes at a reasonable price.
  • Great alignment system.
  • Great for putter training.


  • The putter is large for golfers who have small hands.
  • Some may find it too heavy especially if they are used to lightweight clubs.


The Yes! Golf Men’s Pippi Mid 12 Putter is unlike the rest of the putters you have inside your golf bag. It is exceptionally unique since it allows for a good grip that has a flat edge. This offers great alignment, thus giving you a greater chance to place that ball into the hole.

The manufacturer of this putter has done a stellar job in developing this kind of putter. This provides you with an excellent hand-and-eye position and gives you faster greens. We all know how bad it feels when you can’t get consistent strokes to win the game, and this putter is designed for you to reach your goal.

If you are used to standard grips, this can help you hold a better position while you aim. It gives you ten times better control in which way the ball should go. This will help you avoid in putting the ball restlessly in the golf hole so that you can proceed to the next one.

This is considered a great putter by many, the biggest problem of thousands of golfers is how they get the ball inside the hole in fewer strokes. And we have the answer. Get a great golf club and practice with consistency.


If the Yes! Golf Men’s Pippi Mid 12 Putter will be compared to the Nextt Golf Men’s Pro Score Pearl Copper Putter Series 3 Balance, this would excel. Why? Because it can improve the greens of the golfer and it has a wide finish.

In fact, both have a fantastic wide finish head that allows for more room to hit the ball with. Both come at reasonable prices, and both will work for putter training. We have also found that these two products work well with people who are right-handed and are only designed for right-handed players.

But either way, it still works great for golfers who are looking forward to winning the match. Play harder and faster on the greens and get those golf balls to drop into the holes in fewer shots. We are sure you can do it easily with the proper attitude with adequate golf practice.


Overall, the Yes! Golf Men’s Pippi Mid 12 Putter is a great golf club for both pros and new golfers. This works well, especially if you are right-handed. This product excels since it helps golfers roll the ball into the hole easily. Great for putter training.

Perform better and make more precise aimed shots on the greens with this one. This brand of putter is famous for its great quality and durability. Although there are golfers that find this putter heavy, it won’t bother as much in the long run as you get used to it.

If you are looking forward to playing golf like a pro, you will be on the right path when you have this putter with you to practice with.

Though this putter has some drawbacks, we still recommend this one if you are used to larger and heavier putters. This putter has many great features to offer and we’re sure you won’t regret considering this one.

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